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Sheena Gao's new Fashion Website

Sheena has re launched her fashion line at

A lifestyle fashion line that promotes live, love, travel, and universal oneness! It’s not just a fashion label. It’s a life style, a statement, and a movement. Fashion with a vision, International Citizen Design House® [i.CTZN®] is dedicated to promoting the power of universal oneness and creating openness between cultures and countries through unique men's and women's fashion.

International Citizen is socially conscious, eco friendly, and animal cruelty free. 10% of the profit from your purchase will go to support non-for-profit organizations to fight to the dog meat trade in Asia! With your support, we can directly help the the rescued dogs with food, shelter and medical needs. And together, we can stop this devastatingly cruel act against human’s best friend!

Thank you! Sincerely, Sheena Gao Founder and Creative Director

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